Emiliana Torrini – St. George’s Church, Brighton – 27 June 2014

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I was gutted to just miss Emiliana when we went to the Iceland Airwaves Festival and she didn’t have many gigs planned … So Brighton it had to be and Karen and I turned the long, long drive into a weekend holiday!

I’m so glad we made the effort and the church was a really nice venue that suited her show. Her latest album ‘Tookah’ was probably my album of 2013 and most of the songs made it into a great set full of my favourites. Accompanied beautifully by a great band including Mara Carlyle on backing vocals and saw, and the great Siggi Baldurson from the Sugarcubes on drums.

A feature of her gigs are her rambling but endearing stories in between songs. Always so funny and often involving alcohol, especially the one about dancing on the restaurant tables and swinging from the chandeliers! A very special night as always with Emiliana. xx

9/11 Attended by George & Karen – See Basile Joubin’s video playlist. He must have been sitting just to our left! Thanks Basile 🙂

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