White Denim – Liquid Room, Edinburgh – 22 May 2014

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White Denim are … Astounding ! But … How on earth can I describe what they are like? One minute country rock, next cool jazz, some blues then funky soul … diverse yet seamless, strung together like a prog rock band, and all in one song! You think ‘where is this going?’ then ‘how can this work?’, but it’s going places I like and god knows how, but it sure does work!

After a while you stop wondering and just get carried along with some amazing songs and dazzling musicianship. Singer James Petralli has a tremendous voice, bluesy and soulful, he really gets involved in the song and his passion draws you in. He’s also an incredible guitarist and the interplay with Austin Jenkins superb guitar is as good as I’ve ever seen. Rhythm section also top notch, the whole performance tight as a gnat’s chuff!

2hrs 15mins including encores was quite a set too. Sometimes their jams go on a little and since I don’t know the songs I wasn’t totally emotionally connected, but … what a band, not to be missed again.

9/11 Attended by George, Andy, Derek



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