Rachel Edwards – High Time EP

I’ve just finished arranging, engineering, recording, programming, playing the instruments, mixing and producing a 5 song EP and CD for a lovely singer and friend Rachel Edwards. I’m very proud of Rachel and our results … so brave to tackle such ambitious songs for a relatively inexperienced singer, but she did a great job to show she has ‘the voice of an angel’! Have a listen below.

I think it sounds great and I owe lots of thanks to : Kornelijus Pukinsis for his amazing Alto Sax On ‘New York State of Mind’; Claire Hunter for lovely Violin touches on ‘Tell Me On A Sunday’; Mac Walker of http://www.anotherangle-Scotland.com for the beautiful artwork; Barry Gardner of http://www.masteringmastering.co.uk for a superb mastering job; and my wonderful mix review panel of Piotr, Jan, Neil, Chris, Dave, Stuart for their wise counsel. But especially Rachel for her infectious enthusiasm and my wife Karen for patiently putting up with me during all the long hours.

‘I had the pleasure of working with George to fulfil a dream I had held and never fulfilled for years! To record my own album in a professional recording studio! George helped me realise my dream and what a fantastic experience! I recorded an EP and George helped me understand each stage of the recording and production process … so it was beyond what I dreamed of as it was an educational journey aswell as achieving the polished end result. George is a talented singer and musician as well as a producer and helped to really enrich the quality of my recordings! I was so pleased with the whole experience that I’m thinking of doing my next EP now! Thanks George’ Rachel Edwards

If you have any ideas or dreams for recording your own music that I could help you with, read more on my Music Producer page and feel free to get in touch via the contact form. Would be great to hear what you think and any ideas you might have!


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