Sofar Sounds – Under The Arches, Edinburgh – 30 Sept 2021

  • Imogen Stirling
  • Flew The Arrow
  • Fiyin Fakunle
  • Imogen Stirling

As they put it – ‘Sofar Sounds is reimagining the live event experience through curated, intimate performances in 325 cities around the world.’ I had seen some videos from other cities and bought a ticket for the latest Edinburgh event … 18 months ago! So it was exciting finally getting along to what turned out to be a joyful, inspiring evening.

In effect these are ‘secret’ gigs where you are not told the exact venue or who the performers will be until close to the time. Kind of pot luck, but always good artists. Under The Arches is a cool corner cafe on Leith Walk. And intimate the occasion certainly was. Beautifully organised with a small, appreciative crowd and a supportive, communal spirit.

First artist up was Fiyin Fakunle who gave us a few of her songs. Very new to performing and quite musically naive but very charming and passionate. Flew The Arrow finished the evening, being the music project of Neil McGilvray and the contrasting expertise and polish was clear. I always appreciate great fingerpicking and alternate tunings. Very good indeed.

But the artist who made the biggest impression on me was Imogen Stirling, a writer and spoken poetry performer from Glasgow. And her love of the city was clear from her rousing poem ‘Glasgow’. I can find spoken performance poetry a bit embarrassing, but her passion, intelligence and humour won me over and after a few more pieces, including teasers from her upcoming theatre show ‘Love The Sinner’, we were all entranced. Stunning. You will be hearing her name in future!

Attended by George

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