black midi – QMU, Glasgow – 27 Sept 2021

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black midi can do no wrong as far as I’m concerned! I know their obtuse, complex approach and never settling musical direction winds some people up. But for me they succeed in a fine balancing act between ever changing chaotic noise, muscular rock, avant garde jazz, proggy psychedelia … and more. Even when I sometimes struggle to follow what the hell they are up to at any one time, I love that they do that to me and that’s all part of the magic!

And a packed crowd of young gig goers, many with little idea about the band’s predecessors and influences, lap it all up too. A bit more energetically than me though as I was rapidly ejected from the front row to the back through an uncontrollable, but good natured, sea of moshing.

And with more published material behind and in front of them, the set allowed a tour through songs covering all of the above styles and sections. Never shy to debut plenty of new songs, we still got many of our favourites from their 2 albums. Opening with ‘Speedway’ and including ‘Near DT, MI’ my fave from ‘Schlagenheim’. Featuring ‘John L’ and the stunning ‘Slow’ from ‘Cavalcade’. New songs sounding really juicy and next album can’t be far away. What a band. So young, but superb performers and daring composers. Love them!

Attended by George


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