The Darling Buds – The Lexington, London – 14 April 2018

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Getting on for … ahem, 30 years since our band AVO-8 supported The Darling Buds around the UK on their 89 tour. Jan pointed out that back then, we never really got to watch them properly, so we put that right since they have reformed in recent years for a new ‘Evergreen’ EP and gigs. Well Andrea and Chris are still there from the original line-up so it was great to see them and say hello, even hugs with Jan!

The Lexington is a great wee venue, been there twice before, and it was sold out solid with happy Buds fans singing all the words and throwing confetti just like the old days. They played a very completist set for an hour with all the hits and Andrea was on top form, she hasn’t changed a bit. Such a warm fuzzy, funny night of nostalgia and banging good tunes … magic!

8/11 – Attended by George & Jan

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