Strange Bones / Blackwaters – Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh – 9 Feb 2017

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I’d been looking forward to Strange Bones from Blackpool having seen a few videos and been impressed, so was confused to find Blackwaters headlining. Turns out they are doing a joint headline tour, Blackwaters turn tonight. And Blackwaters were pretty cool, a little bit poppier than Strange Bones with more anthemic choruses and very tight. Will watch out for.

But Strange Bones were who I came to see and apart from the relatively small turnout I was not disappointed. In fact they overcame that initial lack of atmosphere hurdle with their raw energy and ferocious attitude. So much that singer Bobby Bentham was brave/foolish enough to stage dive onto a mere handful of people during their best known song ‘God Save The Teen’. We all lent a hand or two and kept him up during the chorus. I even managed a few lines into the mic while trying to save him from the floor! These guys are not mucking around. Impressive!

7.5/11 Attended by George

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