Emiliana Torrini & The Colorist – Islington Assembly Hall, London – 8 Feb 2017

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I’m such a big fan of Emiliana, even drove to Brighton to see her last tour, so I was intrigued by this collaboration with The Colorist Orchestra so just had to travel to London to see for myself. The set is all Emiliana songs, only one new one, but re-arranged with The Colorist’s strange collection of instruments and odd sensibility. It could all go horribly wrong, and sometimes the new arrangements and rhythms were a bit hard to warm to. But in general the result was a fresh interpretation of some of my favourite songs, and of course with Emiliana singing we all had that familiar warm feeling that comes from her delicate and emotional delivery of great songs. 

Setlist : Colorist instrumental, Caterpillar, Serenade, When We Dance (new song), Birds, Nightfall (Kid Koala collaboration), Animal Games, Blood Red, Thinking Out Loud, Tookah, Speed of Dark, Today Has Been Ok, Jungle Drum, Encores; Colorist Instrumental, Gun, Bleeders, Slow

8/11 Attended by George

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