Aurora – Art School, Glasgow – 3 October 2016

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Aurora Aksnes is a young singer / songwriter from Norway who’s quirky and intriguing music is making a rapidly growing impact around the world. I liked what I had heard but now I can see what all the excitement is about …she is brilliant and I smiled every bit as much as all the people around me!

I hadn’t been to the Art School before, but it’s a great wee venue holding about 800, and all of the attendees can’t fail to have enjoyed Aurora’s 90 min set full of great songs and special moments.

She is so expressive with such a joyful and endearing charm, as well as a lovely voice and melodic, memorable songs. Her band are also very good and the result of much touring this year was a flawless set with some super 3 part harmonies and excellent sound. But it’s Aurora who is clearly the star, and for someone so young it seems to come easily and naturally, though I’m sure we are seeing the results of years of hard work since she started composing music at the age of 6!

I expect her profile to continue to grow and we will hear lots more from her since she is a prolific songwriter. She’s so good, I can’t wait to see her again, but expect that to be in a much larger setting! Must be gig of the year for me.

In the first video below at 0:48 she says ‘thank you for the air’, that’s me fanning my arms towards her! xx

10/11 Attended by George

Snippet of ‘Conqueror’ courtesy of tris.merrill on Instagram . thanks.

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