Björk – Royal Albert Hall, London – 21 September 2016

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I’ve been a massive, obsessive fan of Bjork for 30 years since The Sugarcubes and a trip to London was my only chance to catch one of her very scarce performances. Her last album ‘Vulnicura’ has only a couple songs I like and is far from my favourite … but that doesn’t matter because her live shows are always pretty special.

Our first time at the Albert Hall … what an incredible place! We were right in front of the stage in the relatively small standing area but the extensive seating area with so many floors and boxes is stunningly high, like an enormous wedding cake. No wonder it holds well over 5,000 and it was packed!

Bjork took the stage with a strings only orchestra and played 2 sets, the first being all from Vulnicura. I liked the first two songs ‘Stonemilker’ and ‘Lionsong’, but the rest were pretty dull and underwhelming. Her second set and encores including some old favourites ‘Aurora’, ‘Pagan Poetry’ and ‘Anchor Song’, was much more like it.

She finished her encore with an unusual strings backed version of ‘Pluto’ and when she left the stage the audience of adoring fans (including me ) kept on singing the chorus melody for ages until she came back for a final thank you. So much love in the hall for one of the great artists of our time. Though I was overall underwhelmed with the music, she is still the greatest for me!

Attended by George & Karen

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