Bob Mould – Liquid Room, Edinburgh -8 Feb 2016

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Bob Mould has had a long music career, initially in Hüsker Dü then Sugar and a long time solo … too good a chance to catch him with a new album coming out and a good band (I do love a power trio!). He hasn’t lost any energy, prowling about the stage in familiar style, reeling off short, sharp, mini anthems. A non-stop barrage of songs … I estimate 23 in 1hr 20mins based on the set list below.

I didn’t really know much of the material apart from a few Hüsker Dü and Sugar songs and though I do like ferocious … I’d have liked a bit more variety and change of pace. Still, great to hear my favourite ‘Hoover Dam’ and great to catch a legend while we can.

7/11 Attended by George, Andy and Neil.



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