Limmy Live – Clyde Auditorium, Glasgow – 28 Jan 2016

Comedian Brian Limond continues to go from strength to strength. Successful internet presence, TV series, ‘Daft Wee Stories’ book and now stage show … He’s becoming a Scottish icon and he has enough fans now to fill 4 nights at the Armadillo. Proud of him!

And brilliantly funny the show was too. Mainly a reprise of the favourite sketches and characters from the TV shows, with a twist, and some new material for the same cast and characters. Unashamedly Glasgow, with all the swearing and attitude you’d expect and demand! But he’s a clever guy and made a great job of using the big theatre setting to add even more laughs than the TV sketches. Very impressed with use of the use of the stage, the auditorium and audience participation to keep us all in stitches.

So many favourites, but highlights included, ‘She’s turnt the weans against us’, Falconhoof, Jacqueline McCafferty and audience Tina Turner dancing competition for the ‘Simply the Best’ trophy. As the AR man said to Limmy about ‘Wrong Way Down a One Way Street’ … ‘Star!’

8/11 Attended by George, Karen & Mhairi

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