Blood Red Shoes – Electric Circus, Edinburgh – 8 March 2010

My first gig at the Electric Circus … not a bad wee club and ideal for smaller gigs.  I’ve got Blood Red Shoes first album and quite liked it so was hoping for good stuff.  French support band SOMETHING Underground were quite interesting, at least Jan thought the drummer was cute, and I thought he played well too 😉  Blood Red Shoes are a two piece guitar/drums combo and came on to a busy and expectant crowd.  White Stripes comparisons are obvious but I like a bit of that and their first few songs got the crowd moving, especially when the guitarist stepped off the stage and played a song in the audience.  A few (4) guys took that as their cue to start moshing about (pointlessly).  Jan and I were right at the front for a good view but getting (deliberately) bashed into by these teenage idiots was not fun.  A bit over half way through the set we debating moving back or leaving and decided on the latter …  so we retired to the Doric for a nice quiet drink (they didn’t have cocoa unfortunately) 😉


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