First Aid Kit – Bodega Social Club, Nottingham – 27 Feb 2010


So good I saw them twice (in a week)!  After that stunning gig at Sneaky Pete’s I wanted more First Aid Kit and was sorry that Karen hadn’t got to see them.  Simple solution, follow them on their tour in England … Saturday in Nottingham seemed perfect so we drove down and stayed the night.

Just to show that Sneaky Pete’s was not a one off, they did it again with a perfect, mesmerising performance every bit as good, and impressed Karen immensely into the bargain.  Not much more to add to the previous review … the set was the same I think, they do a few different songs on the tour, but we missed out on them.  The audience was bigger in the Bodega club and a lot noisier which was a slight nuisance, but when they sang without amplification, especially ‘Waltz for Richard’ in the crowd, you could hear a pin drop.  I spoke to Klara for a while before the set and she said they had a great night in Hull and were really looking forward to the Union Chapel and SxSW festival in USA. FAK are more than a bit special.  9/10


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