Genesis – Playhouse, Edinburgh – 14 Jan 1977

One of the first gigs I ever saw and what a beauty on their ‘Wind And Wuthering’ tour! I had recently become a massive Genesis fan and this was too good to miss in what turned out to be the last tour with Steve Hackett and the last tour before Genesis turned, well …. a bit crap!

So many great songs, many from ‘Wind And Wuthering’ and ‘Trick Of The Tail’ but lots of other classics. I can’t recall much detail, but I remember being stunned by the scale and ambition of the whole performance … ‘That’s how it should be done!’ I remember thinking. Magic.

See setlist below. On this day they played two full two hour shows, early and late … can you believe that!! I was at the late one and the almost full audio bootleg recording above starts during the 3rd song and misses the encores, but the one below from the early show goes from 2nd song and includes encores!! Also below a couple of videos from the same tour.

Attended by George & Mike Tracey – 10/11
Genesis Setlist Edinburgh Playhouse, Edinburgh, Scotland 1977, Wind & Wuthering Tour


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