10cc – The Usher Hall, Edinburgh – 17 March 1975

1975 10cc Tour Programme Cover Pic

My first EVER gig when I was 14 !  10cc were the first band I really got into after their fantastic ‘Sheet Music’ album. When ‘The Original Soundtrack’ album tour came up I just had to scrape the money for a ticket and my cousin Carole so kindly agreed to take me along.  Imagine my disappointment when I heard they had cancelled for some reason I can’t remember 😦  But they re-arranged and we were there!

I can’t remember too much apart from being blown away and realising that I wanted more rock music and wanted to be on the stage doing that ! ‘One Night In Paris’ was the Orginal Soundtrack tour de force and I do remember that being spectacular.  My favourite band at their absolute best.  Superb.

No live video from that tour but the audio recording below is perfect!

10/11 Attended by George and Carole


Ticket image courtesy of Edinburgh Gig Guide

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