Sea Fishing

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I’ve never done much sea fishing apart from occasionally on holiday … but I have just got into it and it’s an enjoyable change from match fishing. I really don’t have much idea what I’m doing, but inspired by some great websites especially Shogsky & Hutch (cheers Jake) I’ve really got into Light Rock Fishing or LRF. Great fun, very effective, and an ideal method for a coarse angler who likes to get lots of bites and fish, however small. A great thing is that sea fishing throws up lots of different and unusual species, so species hunting is just as interesting as trying to catch big fish!

Just keeping my list of UK species here lest I forget – Ballan Wrasse, Corkwing Wrasse, Goldsinny Wrasse, Cod, Pollock, Coalfish, Flounder, Plaice, Turbot, Mackerel, Ling, Common Blenny, Long Spined Sea Scorpion, Short Spined Sea Scorpion, Grey Gurnard

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