Jon Spencer & The Hitmakers – Broadcast, Glasgow – 12 June 2022

To cut a long story short, I booked to see Jon Spencer from USA only because my drumming hero Janet Weiss from Skeater-Kinney was in his band with Sam Coombes. Sam and Janet have a great two piece band Quasi who were going to play support. Magic, always wanted to see them. Shortly before their UK tour started it was announced that Quasi would not be supporting. Bummer. Oh well still see them in Jon’s band ‘The Hitmakers’.  Arrived at Broadcast … left handed drum-kit on stage … no Janet, obviously missing the whole European tour. Dammit! Janet! Gutted. 

Putting my disappointment aside, I decided to stay and first enjoyed a spirited support set from Glasgow’s own Ellis Hurley from Pandas with Pandas guitarist Oran McBride. Great stuff. Will have to watch out for them.

I’d heard a lot about Jon before and he delivered exactly the kind of garagey rock-n-roll intensity I expected, ably supported by Sam and the others. But though I enjoyed it ok, I thought it was all a bit samey even though an enthusiastic packed crowd loved it.

Attended by George

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