Wet Leg – The Mash House, Edinburgh – 17 April 2022

Bought tickets immediately on sale knowing Wet Leg were just about to blow up massively and amazingly they stayed with the Mash House when they surely could have sold out a much bigger venue. And the small club environment was just perfect to experience the band at their joyous best. They are currently riding this ginormous wave of love and hype. The grind of touring and soaring profile might well change them but at the moment they seem to be still having a blast on stage. I’m sure they can’t believe the amazing reception they are getting but tonight was just a massive celebration with a party atmosphere and killer tunes.

They only have so many tunes from their short career, but more than enough from their great debut album ‘Wet Leg’ … deceptively simple but catchy songs with hooky riffs and clever, knowing lyrics. Intelligent, imaginative, irreverent. So much smiling … in the crowd and on the stage … infectious and a ton of fun. Rhian and Hester are just superstars with amazing rapport, stage presence and no little skills. Brilliant show all round, made a lot of people very happy. Magic. What next for Wet Leg? Will be fun to watch.

Attended by George, Andy and Douglas

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