Dry Cleaning – Summerhall, Edinburgh – 18 Feb 2022

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I love Dry Cleaning so much and it’s tragic that it took over 2 years to see them again after my first time at Sneaky Pete’s just before the pandemic. That night I was already a fan and knew all the words, but they were just starting out and though Sneaky Pete’s was packed I worked my way right to the front where Florence was. Embarrassingly, whilst nodding away I got bumped and stumbled forward so much I nutted her music stand nearly sending all her word sheets flying!

Two years later they are flying high after the success of their ’New Long Leg’ album. A move to a bigger venue (sold out) and a bigger stage, so no repeat faux pas possible. Flo is a much more confident performer now and has dispensed with the music stand and trusts herself to remember all of her words. And so many great words and one liners. A brilliant set too with the best from ‘New Long Leg’, a few old favourites and newies. They all played and sounded great, but a pity much of Flo’s lyrics lost in the sound. Happily I know the words so sang/spoke along with no problems. A magic night. Bigger venue for them again next time!

Attended by George, Karen, Andy & Douglas

Same setlist and video from next night at QMU – https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/dry-cleaning/2022/queen-margaret-union-glasgow-scotland-13885dfd.html

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