Rosalie Cunningham – Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh – 20 Sept 2021 

  • Rosalie Cunningham
  • Rosalie Cunningham
  • Rosalie Cunningham
  • Rosalie Cunningham
  • Rosalie Cunningham
  • Tuppenny Bunters

Over the moon to finally get back to the best place in the world for my first gig there since Feb 2020. And wow, wow, wow, what a fantastic show too from the wonderful Rosalie Cunningham and her amazing band! I had bought a ticket for this over 18 months ago and liked her recordings I had heard, but was not prepared to be as ‘blown away’ by such a marvellous set. What a joyous occasion for me and the lucky attendees including gig pals.

First up though were two piece piano and drums combo Tuppenny Bunters. I’m a big fan of Quasi and with the same kind of setup and infectious (must stop using that word) punky attitude, with great tunes, I was really happy about the music of Fi and Dave. ’The Carpenters on a terrifying acid trip’! Will keep an eye out and see them again soon. The Tuppenny Bunters soon re-appeared on stage again as part of Rosalie’s band! 

And what a band! Rosalie writes and sings dramatic, passionate songs while playing a mean guitar. I loved her recorded songs and the sounds are mostly classic bluesy rock. But live they take even more varied and interesting detours into proggy psychedelia with some complex ideas and structures. One song 14 minutes long … I love all that! But such a stellar backing band take all this to the highest level with brilliant playing and feel. All with cool 60s retro clothes and gear … Rosalie and band rocked that look as well as sounding spectacular. Running out of superlatives here!  Go and see for yourself as soon as you get the chance.  

Attended by George

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