Crack Cloud – Bongo Club, Edinburgh – 1 Sept 2021

  • Crack Cloud
  • Crack Cloud
  • Crack Cloud

Crack Cloud from Vancouver played tiny Sneaky Pete’s in May 2019, and everyone raved about how amazing they were. So after an enforced long layoff it made sense for Nick to book them back at a larger room at the Bongo Club. Unfortunately the club being less than half full was pretty disappointing and I’m sure a reflection of peoples Covid reticence rather than the quality of the band.  

4 members of Crack Cloud took the stage as their own support band ‘Military Genius’! Laid back and low key, nice, but the intensity trebled when the rest of the 7 piece Crack Cloud crammed onto the stage. Riff, groove, riff, grooooove, riff, grooooooooooooove … that’s how I remember their music! Not so much songs as extended, repetitive, danceable anthems. Infectious (pardon the pun), and once they get going, no-one wants them to stop while bopping around to the groove, so they don’t!

Attended by George & Andy

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