Open Matches – Partridge Lakes, Warrington – 10/11 July 2021

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Have to thank my friends Davie and Woody and all at the lovely Partridge Lakes Fishery (especially Nelly for drawing me good pegs!) for a great weekend away and a very enjoyable win on Sunday … after Woody won the match on Saturday! I waited to the last possible time before booking my match tickets on-line sitting in the Roseburn Bar over a pint with Karen, and was lucky enough to get the very last ticket of the 65 for the Sunday match. A good omen it turned out to be! On Saturday Nelly drew me a really good peg 50, but really didn’t get to grips with the peg. Woody won that match from peg 121 on Covey 5 with a great weight of 143lb.

Next morning Nelly drew another peg for me and said ‘you won’t believe it’ … peg 121! Woody showed me how he had fished it and it was pretty straightforward caster shallow, which at least I can do a bit. Really enjoyed bagging up and after a while thought maybe I could beat the magic 100lb barrier. Then later thought maybe I could catch as much as Woody. I weighed in 166lb which won the match, but somebody better at it could have had 200lb. Next time. My biggest ever match weight and one of my best ever wins in a 65 peg sell-out with many top anglers and venue specialists. Happy days!

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