Sleater-Kinney – Paradiso, Amsterdam – 19 Feb 2020

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I LOVE Sleater-Kinney so much, but it’s baffling that I never managed to see them live until tonight. Sorted! Still magnificent. I bopped along and sang all the words ’til I was sweaty and hoarse … magic. After a tour break Carrie and Corin seemed really up for this and appeared to enjoy it nearly as much as I and a packed Paradiso did. The level of smiling and grinning all round was a pleasure to see. I always wanted to go to this iconic venue too and was not disappointed.

I’m still gutted that Janet Weiss has left the band (so I must go see her in Quasi asap) but Angie Boylan played all Janet’s big beats superbly, bravo! New songs sounded great and so many of my old favourites were smashed in a brilliant, lengthy set. To hear my favourite song ‘The Fox’ live … my life is now (almost) complete … until I see them again in Glasgow next week!

Attended by George & Karen

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