Anaïs Mitchell – Old Fruitmarket, Glasgow – 29 Jan 2020

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I never miss my favourite singer/songwriter Anaïs when she comes to Scotland nowadays. This time supported by her new ‘folk supergroup’ Bonny Light Horseman. So this was the first time I had seen her perform with a full band, which was cool!

The show started with a set from Bonny Light Horseman led by Anaïs, Eric D. Johnson (from the band Fruit Bats) and multi-instrumentalist Josh Kaufman. I haven’t really been impressed by the re-vamped old folk songs on their album (a bit dull for my taste), but it’s a more enjoyable experience live, particularly the guitar playing of Josh which is superb … a revelation in fact! I must check him out more.

After the interval Anaïs took centre stage for her own material which is what I really love and the band gave added variety to songs I’d heard her sing so often. I still prefer her solo though which she did for a few songs. What I really, really want though is more new original songs from her once she get this Hadestown and BLH stuff out of the way!

Attended by George

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