Iceland Airwaves Day 3 – Reykjavik – 8 Nov 2019

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Our target for the evening was Gaukurinn club, which is usually tightly packed and noisy. On the way over there though we stopped for a on-spec look in Iðnó which is a lovely old theatre, restaurant and venue. Lucky we did since Helge was just starting and the show was a real treat. Helge Slikker is a singer songwriter from Holland and the show related the narrative of his driving trip round Iceland illustrated by beautiful backdrop video and songs from his album ‘Polar’. A great concept and dreamlike story with lovely songs. Brilliant stuff, I’m a new fan!

Gaukurinn could not be more different, low ceiling, dark and sweaty … great place with 4 cool bands to see. First up were Broen from Norway, who were quite interesting so will watch out for them. Next Pip Blom who I was not convinced by before but friends raved about. Well they were great fun so consider me convinced! Great enthusiasm and energy with catchy tunes over simple punky backing. Then Boy Azooga from Wales took the stage and I enjoyed the clever songs of Davey Newington.

Finally Snapped Ankles at 2am! Intrigued by them and wanted to see them at Sneaky Pete’s but it sold out. Lucky me now. But though the crowd went mad for them, unfortnately they didn’t do that much for me. Wacky visuals and unusual sound but I was left cold and after a few songs we beat a retreat to the Drunk Rabbit until very late/early o’clock, which we paid for the next day!

Attended by George & Karen – playlist with multiple relevant videos below!




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