The Murder Capital – Mash House, Edinburgh – 15 Oct 2019

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The Murder Capital from Dublin are an arty, post-punk band in a similar vein to others I’ve seen recently like Idles and Shame, etc. etc. Not a bad collection to stand comparison with and they have a different kind of power combined with an emotional seriousness of their own.  Inventive and melodic musicianship too supporting the earnest intensity of singer James McGovern.

They also know how to build up a show dramatically. Instead of starting with the usual belter, they start with a mellow song, then the melancholy ‘Twisted Ground’, then another before ‘Green & Blue’ starts to ramp up the intensity towards a  ferocious ending with the crowd going beserk! All bar the drummer end up in the crowd (is that schtick getting a bit tiresome?) but fun to see McGovern climb up to the ceiling to hang there like spiderman, and adoring fans trying to join him up there!

Attended by George

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