Echobelly – The Mash House, Edinburgh – 10 May 2019

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We loved Echobelly back in the 90s and have thought about covering their songs … mandatory then for Jan and I to go see Sonya and Glenn on an acoustic tour. And obviously a lot of other people thought the same to fill the Mash House. No surprise, lots of shouts of ‘Marry Me Sonya’!

Since the hits of the 90s they have had an on/off career producing now and again albums. The majority of the set, until near the end, was of those songs which we didn’t know but still enjoyed. Glenn is an inventive guitarist and Sonya still has that clear as a bell voice. Only near the end did they give us older songs we were waiting for including ‘Great Things’, ‘King Of The Kerb’, ‘Dark Therapy’ and ‘Insomnia’.

Attended by George & Jan

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