The Cardigans – Academy, Glasgow – 4 Dec 2018

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I loved The Cardigans from their first album and only when they decided to tour again did it cross my mind that I never saw them first time round … time to rectify that! Met Andy there and I said I much preferred their first 2 albums, whereas he preferred their later ones, but the plan was for them to play the whole of their most successful 3rd album, Gran Turismo … Doh!

So although they are of course great, I hardly knew any of the songs played in their 1st set, later material 2nd Set, and only in their encores did they play 2 songs, Carnival’ and ‘Lovefool’, from my favourite albums! ‘I Need Some Fine Wine And You, You Need To Be Nicer’ has to be the longest song title to the best song ever! Still they sounded great and Nina Persson is in fine voice and entertaining form with everyone in the Academy in the palm of her hand. Love her! Magic!

Attended by George & Andy A

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