Johnny Marr – Barrowlands, Glasgow – 15 Nov 2018

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The Smiths being my favourite band ever obviously makes Johnny Marr my no.1 fave guitar hero. His music has always meant so much to me but the first time I saw him with his own band I was not really blown away. Well 3 albums later I think they have got a lot better and this show was a belter!

Johnny has really grown into his role as band leader and consummate rock god with attitude and big poses to spare. His singing, though not his forte, is better than ever but honestly … it’s all about that guitar playing … a glorious, joyous thing. How does he do it? So casual yet perfect. I enjoyed plenty of his new songs but he has also learned to give the crowd what they want with a magnificent 7 Smiths songs so we could sing along ‘til hoarse. He made me very happy and Jan deliriously so. Bravo!

Attended by George & Jan

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