Lightning Bolt – Broadcast, Glasgow – 24 Aug 2018

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I love the massive noise and the whole sweaty, explosive experience of Lightning Bolt and was lucky enough to get a ticket for such a small venue that sold out in minutes! And I was brave or foolish enough to work my way to the front of the stage, right in front of Brian Gibson’s massive bass rig and in touching distance of Brian Chippendale’s drums. When the mayhem duly ensued I manfully managed to stick around through the moshing to see my heroes in close up action.

Never disappointed with their sound and energy. The crowd went mad of course and it was my energy that gave up first and after 10 ‘songs’ or so I beat a safe retreat. Lightning Bolt is definitely a ‘participant’ rather than ‘spectator’ sport, so after I had had some more I left a little early, seen enough, bruised but unbowed and ears just about intact!

Attended by George

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