Cabbage / She Drew The Gun – Mash House, Edinburgh – 5 April 2018

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I really liked support band She Drew The Gun last time I saw them, an easy decision to go to Mash House to catch them again and see what all the fuss was about Cabbage. And She Drew The Gun from Liverpool are still good, some new songs and a more polished feel. Some room  to be more musically adventurous though, but in Louisa Roach they have a frontwoman with real charisma and impact.

I wasn’t so sure about Cabbage but the audience of mainly young guys certainly were! I’ve not seen the front half of the Mash House moshing so enthusiastically all at once. I was quickly ejected from near the front to a safe distance. I’m still not so sure about Cabbage. Though the audience was excited by their music, I wasn’t and didn’t hang around to the end.

6.5/11 – Attended by George

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