Zal Cleminson’s Sin’Dogs – Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh – 4 Dec 2017

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Zal is a boyhood hero of mine since 1974 from his fantastic time in The Sensational Alex Harvey Band. We are all a bit older (maybe wiser) now, in fact Zal is an amazingly sprightly 68. He gave up playing live about 10 years ago and I never thought I’d see him play, so it was a delight to see his new band hit the road. And heavily touring an entirely new set seems to be his new strategy and the amount of work and craft put into so many new songs is impressive.

I’m not such a fan of his more modern style of heavy rock, but there’s no denying the quality of the playing and how tight they are together. Zal is more of a growler than a singer nowadays, but that’s ok in context and his melodic and tasteful soloing is still instantly recognisable. If I have half his energy and a tenth of his artistry when I’m 68 I’ll be well chuffed!

7/11 – Attended by George & Karen

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