The Valves – The Wee Red Bar, Edinburgh – 2 Dec 2016

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The Valves were one of Edinburgh’s original punk bands back in 1977 and had re-formed as ‘The Valeetahs’ having added Joe Donkin from The Cheetahs on vocals. I agree that name was a bit of a faff so they are now back to being the Mighty Valves!

Jan, Karen and I had a magic time singing along to all our favourites from our youth. In fact you can see us silhouetted right at the front in the video below. Support band The Trama Dolls were great fun too. What a memomarable night, meeting old friends too, with the emphasis on the ‘old’,

8/11 Attended by George, Karen & Jan

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2 Responses to The Valves – The Wee Red Bar, Edinburgh – 2 Dec 2016

  1. H says:

    Is there anyway I can get a copy of this (The Valves) gig?

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