Anaïs Mitchell – La Belle Angele, Edinburgh – 20 Nov 2016

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I still can’t really get the right words to describe how much I love the wonderful music of Anaïs Mitchell. She is such a special artist and a complete inspiration to me, so to see her two nights in a row was a privelege.  And her set was just as amazing as yesterday with the same combination of setlist and audience requests in the middle. I wasn’t right down the front this time so I didn’t shout out, but when she answered a request to play ‘He Did’ I was made up because that was the one I wanted and we saw great performance of one of my favourite songs. (video below, thanks Graeme!)

Unfortunately, there is a but … I don’t think much of La Belle Angele as a venue (to put it politely) especially for solo acoustic acts. Visibility is poor due to pillars and there’s so much background noise from the bar and audience with hard wooden flooring and other surfaces. Very distracting and annoying.  So, Anaïs … superb, La Belle Angele … not so.

7.5/11 Attended by George & Karen

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