Fat Goth / Britney – Electric Circus, Edinburgh – 22 Oct 2016

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A bill I couldn’t miss with 3 bands I wanted to see one after the other! I had wanted to catch first band Lords of Bastard for a while, not just because they’ve got the best band name since King Gizzard and the Wizard Lizard, but they are a bit different. Their ‘Deep-Fried Psychedelic Rock’ also has subtle keyboard touches and great drumming. Cool!

Britney are new favourites of mine, I even wore my ‘so rare it’s extinct’ yellow ‘spider’ Britney t-shirt in their honour! They are unique and make a special kind of noise, lots of short frantic songs. Great set again, just not long enough, but maybe that’s part of the point? Magic.

Apart from opening with ‘No Feelings’ by the Sex Pistols, Fat Goth mainly played their forthcoming fourth album in its entirety. My initial impression was good, though for me, their later, more polished material hasn’t got the same quirky spark or originality as their wonderful 2nd album Stud. Still good, but again disappointed by low turn out, maybe Edinburgh doesn’t get it?

7/11 Attended by George

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