Belly – The Garage, Glasgow – 15 July 2016

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Wow, Wow, Wow !!!  Belly !  The real Belly, are back! One of my favourite ever bands, away for 20 years, and this was their first proper gig back. What a treat it promised and so it turned out to be. The fact Jan and I could still sing most of the words showed just how much we loved them back then, and I was a huge Throwing Muses fan too, so to have Tanya and co. here and to see them for the first time was a dream come true!

No support band either, two sets making nearly 2 hours explained why it was billed as ‘An Evening with Belly’. That enabled them to play all our favourites (well nearly every one of their songs) and a packed Garage crowd sang along and really put the understandably nervous band at ease. I’m certain they were taken aback at the love shown to them after all these years (’cause they said so) and this great atmosphere has since been repeated at all the shows on this tour.

Easy to forgive a little rustiness and occasional off keyness in Tanya’s singing (wasn’t always the greatest live) but the music was consistently great and the smile never left my face.  What a happy comeback, maybe I’ll get to see them again?

9/11 Attended by George & Jan

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