PiL – Liquid Room, Edinburgh – 12 June 2016

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Not a band that I ever got into in the past, but I couldn’t turn down the chance to see the great Johhny Rotten could I, and I’m glad I didn’t!  I can confirm that though John Lydon is 60 and a lot larger than he used to be, he’s still as angry but optimistic and in fine voice too. I was impressed with his energy and intensity.

Musically the band were very tight throughout the 1hr 45min set. Though that kind of heavy disco drone is not my cup of tea, they were loud and powerful which  always helps and a loyal and enthusiastic crowd lapped it all up. Johnny is the star though and after a long set of extended songs he wound us all up to a big finish. ‘Religion’ (it’s bollocks) was a stand out for me as was ‘Shoom’ in which everything is all ‘Bollocks’! And when Johnny sang to ‘turn up the bass’, they really did turn up the bass ’til we were all physically resonating … That was officially loud!

Quite impressed and long may Jonny carry on carrying on.

7.5/11 Attended by George & Andy


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