All Scotland Open – 29 May 2016

This weekend saw the SFCA & Magiscroft fishery hosting the annual ALL SCOTLAND competition in memory of Rab “Awesome” Crossan. The match was fished between the Island and Woodside ponds with 26 anglers coming out in memory of a great character not only in the Scottish match scene, but the International one.With Golden pegs 3, 15 & 27 on the Island and 6 & 17 on Woodside would the £587 go today? Let’s wait and see.

All to fish for as the all in was shouted at 11amWith clear sky’s and no wind it was anyone’s guess where the fish would be and with no wind to upset presentation all lines were in easy reach. There was fish to be caught and most started catching small stockies from the off. Best baits for the day seemed to be expander pellet although some caught on maggot with most deciding worm wasn’t really working.

As the day went on the fishing got a bit harder so working all your lines was important although being patient and not moving too quickly also caught more fish.On the Island Pond it was George Glen, Douglas Philips and David Joseph on the low numbers who were catching the bigger stamp of fish with Davie Corcoran (unbelievably fishing his 9th match in 10 days) on peg 11 catching over 50 of the new stockie Carp along with some F1’s and a few silvers. On the higher Island numbers it was Stuart Dalgleish, Colin McKerrell and Ronnie Ogilvie who started best catching small stockie carp tight over at 14m with nothing seeming to be caught down the track.

On Woodside, James Woodrow (again 9 matches in 10 days) and John Perella were going fish for fish on the low numbers with Heather Laurieston over on Peg 21 doing best on the high numbers.It was great seeing some old and new faces and a welcome to Matthew Waugh, James Brown and Dougie Campbell who joined as new members. Many thanks guys and we hope you enjoyed the day. It was also great seeing young Zoe Brooks fresh from her Scotland International Sea fishing callup and again although the fishing was tough it looked like you enjoyed the day. Just one Jnr taking part today in young Eamonn Obrien who fished for free today under the FED deal that Juniors don’t pay in these matches….so to all Juniors who fancy these matches, come along and give it a go. Well done Eamonn on your catch of 12lb.

On the team event 3 teams registered, Colmic Magiscroft, The Barbies and “the FED” pushing to see who would take the title. At the all out the points were counted with the Fed team consisting of John Perella, George Glen, Gus Brindle and Stuart Dalgleish coming out in top spot beating Colmic Magiscroft by a mere 0.5pts

1st – FED 31.5pts 2nd – Colmic Magiscroft 32pts3rd – The Barbies 46pts

Section winners … A – George Glen, B – Stuart Dalgleish, C – Ronnie Ogilvie, D – James Woodrow, E – Heather Laurieston

So…back to my headline….You Never Lose it. Overall winner on the day was ex Scotland International George Glen who fishing his 1st match in nearly a year came out not only as winner of the match but as he was on Golden Peg 3 he picked up the £587. George was a great friend and team mate to Rab Crossan for many years both at club and International level so he was a worthy and popular winner. Well done and congratulation to everyone who took part.

Overall top 5 … 1st – George Glen 42lb 1oz, 2nd – Stuart Dalgleish 25lb 5oz, 3rd – James Woodrow 22lb 1oz, 4th – David Joseph 20lb 0oz, 5th – Douglas Philips 19lb 8oz

Thanks once again to Magiscroft for hosting this great event and to all the staff and helpers who helped out with the shop/catering and with the weigh in. Good to see John Baird, Johnny Baird, Dave Richardson, Papa Doc and all the other enjoying the sunshine on the patio after the match

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