Wussy – Electric Circus, Edinburgh – 7 May 2016

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Wussy isn’t the most descriptive or promising of band names but I’m glad Andy spotted and recommended them. Led by Chuck Cleaver and Lisa Walker, the band from Cincinnati, Ohio have been going since 2001 but this is the first time I heard them and I’m now a fan!

At first listen their music sounds like it should be easy to classify … ‘drone-rock’, ‘psychedelia’, ‘shambling’, ‘jangling’ have all been over used … but from what might seem straightforward rock they add a lot of shades and subtleties that makes them a bit different.

Though Electric Circus was far from full, the audience was rightly very appreciative and the band were very happy with the love generated towards them, me included. Much impressed!

8/11 Attended by George, Andy, Douglas, John N

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