Let’s Talk Daggers / Britney – Opium, Edinburgh – 22 Apr 2016

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5 bands for a fiver! …and a really enjoyable night it was too. I principally came to  see Britney, but hadn’t been to upstairs at Opium before so arrived in time catch all of the bands.

First up were 3 Days To Retirement … (I wish!) and though competent and earnest, post-rock style nonsense isn’t for me, but good luck to them. Next a 3 piece all the way from Seattle called Acid Tongue, brash and enthusiastic, just like you expect bands from Seattle should be! Good songs and I bought their EP cassette … Yes cassette!

For me Britney were stars of the show and I loved their anarchic set of seemingly chaotic noise, but with lots of hooks and humour too. Well they make me happy! Poly-Math from Brighton were the penultimate band and though their instrumental only attack was energetic and polished, good musicianship didn’t compensate for lack of tunes IMHO.

Headliners Let’s Talk Daggers from Eastbourne have bit of hype around them and have an impressive swagger to their angular, heavy racket. Pretty good, I like! A really good venue and a great job by the promoters, must go back.

7/11 Attended by George

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