Anna Von Hauswolff – Electric Circus, Edinburgh – 20 March 2016

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Wow! Impressed is an understatement … I’ve not seen anything as atmospheric and musically dramatic for a long time. Much smoke and dim lighting preceded a long instrumental intro, showcasing some stunning and innovative drumming with lots of Pink Floydy guitar. My big smile started then and stuck with me the whole show!

Only after the first track did Anna appear from hiding behind her keyboard and add the big organ sound and her striking vocals. Im not going to make the usual easy comparisons, pick any well known female singer with unusual delivery, but the way she orchestrates the music to match her range from whisper to shriek is a joy.

For one song she ventured to stage front but most of the time her organ sound is the key to the effect and the band add a very subtle ‘prog’ style accompaniment from quiet to really powerful. Bravo to them all and I will definitely look out for her again.

8.5/11 Attended by George & Andy

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