Lightning Bolt – The Roundhouse,London – 28 June 2015

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I love the noise of Lightning Bolt but never thought I’d get the chance to see them until our visit to Wimbledon luckily matched their appearance 2nd on a very odd 5 band bill at the Roundhouse in London. We were not impressed with first band on Mugstar and didn’t fancy staying for Loop or GZA, though Tortoise would have been cool … Lightning Bolt only then, and they did not dissappoint!

Brian Chippendale is the famous energetic (manic!) drummer with his mask microphone and effects allowing him to add wild cacophanous shout/singing. Brian Gibson adds his effects drenched bass and they make a combined glorious overall noise, random yet repetitive and hypnotic.

I was delighted to get right to the front, but once the serious moshing started a discreet withdrawal was appropriate. Not the ideal place for them on a huge stage in a big hall. Hopefully they will come to Scotland to their natural small sweaty club environment. Brilliant!

8/11 Attended by George & Karen

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