Laura Marling – O2 Academy, Glasgow – 25 April 2015

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I’m huge fan and have seen Laura many times, and usually prefer her more inimate solo performances … so I had a little tredpidation this time knowing she had only ‘done a Dylan’ and ‘gorn electric’.  Fear not Laura fans, it’s all good and she can still do no wrong in my misty eyes! It’s all about her wonderful songs and singing, what difference does a kind of guitar make?

The new album ‘Short Movie’ doesn’t hit the consistent heights of ‘Once I Was An Eagle’ for me, but the best songs still work really well live. The new band can also help her put a fresh slant on all the favourites … really interesting and powerful interpretations too. She has really taken the opportunity to change and shock some people (playing Strange on Jools Holland got a real WTF reaction!)  Respect due and returned.

Big Davie had never seen her before and it was a pleasure seeing him experience just how special Laura is. And that Rickenbacker she played aroused my guitar lust and sounded just fantastic. Not quite the religious experience of seeing her last time at the Usher Hall, but pretty damn special!

8.5/11 Attended by George & Davie

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