Shonen Knife – Electric Circus, Edinburgh – 11 May 2014

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I left the Electric Circus with a sore face from grinning!  Shonen Knife just make you smile with their non-stop cheerfulness, classic punk pop riffs and cheesy but fun songs.

Shonen Knife have been going since 1981 (wikipedia) but guitarist Naoko is the only original member, with Ritsuko on Bass and Emi on drums. They still give  a joyous combination of tight, punchy rock and charming japanese delivery. As Naoko frequently says – ‘Let’s Rock’!

One sequence of songs featured favourite food and drinks. Ritsuko’s song was ‘Ramen Rock’, Emi sang ‘Green Tea’, Naoko sang ‘I Wanna Eat Choco Bars’ and ‘ Hot Chocolate’.  Encore was ‘Capybara’.  Awesome!

s Naoko says, “Let’s Rock!”
s Naoko says, “Let’s Rock!”
s Naoko says, “Let’s Rock!”

7.5/11 Attended by George, Andy, Douglas

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