The Amazing Snakeheads – Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh – 30 March 2014

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Having been impressed with these guys supporting Jim Jones Revue it seemed only polite to give them a more thorough check out. Sneaky Pete’s should have been an ideal venue for their aggressive, psychotic, claustrophobic rockabilly attitude and music …. Hmmmm!

Unfortunately that violent undercurrent spread to some of their fans whose over the top moshing made standing near the front an invitation to a punch-up, which luckily never materialised.

Musically and visually the Snakeheads make a big, and good impression. Front man Dale Barclay is magnetic and compelling, creating that brooding menace with his words, movements and guitar stabs. The music is simple but effective, tight but sparse. All good stuff and a few of the songs have memorable hooks. The whole set though was a bit light on variety so the songs blur … Given some time their set will get stronger.

I’d probably go to see them again and I expect the current buzz about them to put them in bigger, hopefully safer environments ;o)

7/11 Attended by George, Karen, Jan, Mhairi, Andy, Douglas

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