Ane Brun – Òran Mór, Glasgow – 18 Nov 2013

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I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this one having seen Ane many times. A new ‘Songs’ compilation album set and new backing band Tonbruket, but with Nina Kinert singing too I thought there might be something special. Well by the end I was sure … This was as good a performance as I have ever seen, how could I ever doubt the fantastic Ane Brun!

Oran Mor was packed and as the set unfolded I could sense by the smiles all round that I was not the only one blown away by these alternate versions of well loved songs. Martin Hederos on keyboards has been a key contributor to Ane’s albums as has Nina, so though arrangements were new the essence of the originals were enhanced not lost. The combination of Ane and Nina singing just can’t be bettered! The stunning, heavy, completely different version of ‘This Voice’ (see the great video below) was a typical example of how powerful they could be … Incredible!

I like to think the famous Scottish audience participation also made a big impression on the artists, especially when Ane introduced the band and we all brought the roof down chanting every name (that was my idea ;o) ) right through to the sound man and roadies! You could see the band were astonished. What a night, absolutely wonderful, never been to a better gig!

10/11 Attended by George, Karen, Martin

Not from this gig – but perfect video thanks to Valerie Toumayan!

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