Peter Gabriel – Hydro, Glasgow – 24 Oct 2013

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I’m a bit embarrassed to say I’d never seen Peter Gabriel live before this night! As a big Genesis fan I had always liked his solo recordings but never thought about going to see him … Doh !  Part of the attraction this time was that Ane Brun had sung on his last New Blood tour and Jennie Abrahamson and Linnea Olsson were his backing singers now. How could I refuse this chance?

First time at the Hydro and I’m impressed. I had a decent seat quite close, but it strikes me as a quality vene. Jennie and Linnea got 4 songs (2 each) as support act and that was a real treat for me as a fan of both. Jennie’s ‘Snowstorm’ and ‘Pheonix’ were best for me … spellbinding and showcasing her wonderful voice that also worked so well in duet with Peter on ‘Don’t Give Up’.

Peter’s 2 hour set was a voyage of discovery for me, not being that familiar with his back catalogue, but I recognised many more songs that I expected and was well impressed. His singing is a strong as ever, the band were perfect and the lights and theatricals were stunning.  The audience also got well involved singing and dancing. A great night all round!

8.5 /11 Attended by George

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