Nina Kinert – Debaser Slussen, Stockholm, Sweden – 18 Feb 2011

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it sounds crazy just deciding on a whim to jump a plane to Stockholm for a gig, but it’s unlikely the very special Nina would be bringing her show to Scotland … so a hastily arranged adventure to snowy Sweden! We love Stockholm first of all and had a marvellous time touristing before eventually finding our way to this hidden club under the railway by the river, so cool.

Nina and supporting artist and band member Linnea Olsson came to my attention through collaboration with Ane Brun and I am loving Nina’s new album ‘Red Leader Dream’, following the equally special ‘Pets And Friends’. And she has assembled a great band who helped her perform these songs perfectly. Nina has the voice of an angel and the big smile never left my face from the start to the finish and the day after!

We had such a great time maybe impromptu trips to gigs around Scandinavia will become a regular new habit for us. I’m sure it will!

9/11 – Attended by George & Karen

No videos from this gig – but these are exactly right thanks to the wonderful Valerie Toumayan!

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