Smiths Indeed – Bongo Club, Edinburgh – 17 April 2010

Wow, these guys are terrific! I’ve never been to see a tribute band before, and I won’t make a habit of it, but I’d go to see Smith’s Indeed anytime and recommend them to any Smith’s fan. Judging by a packed Bongo Club there are loads of Smith’s fans around, many of whom were too young to have been there in the 80s but knew all of the words anyway ! Jan and I sang along at the top of our voices, amazing how all the words come back to you.

Singer Jurgen really has Morrisey down to a tee, flowers and all, and the band were excellent, very close to the original sound. They played two sets, the first being the entire Meat is Murder album in order, then a 2nd set full of hits and classics. Brilliant. What a great night with a fun, celebration atmosphere.

7.5/11 Attended by George & Jan

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